New blog

So this is it, my new blog!
This is hopefully going to be a blog about my super awesome life as an exchange student, I just have to get accepted to Fudan University in Shanghai first. The main reason I want to start blogging is to give my friends back home a way to see how Im doing when Im away, but I decided to start a bit earlier and write about applying to schools and all that as well.
As you might have noticed, this blog is in english – thats because some of my friends dont speak norwegian, and also because I want to keep using english so I dont forget how to. So today I finally decided once and for all what schools Im going for next year. Studying one year abroad is a part of the degree Im taking here in Oslo at BI Norwegian School of Management – International marketing. We can go study in several different countries in Europe, America and East Asia. I decided against Canada and USA, because the student loan arrangement in Norway wouldnt have covered all the school money. New York did sound pretty awesome, but it would have ment working all summer when I really want to spend this summer saying goodbye to everyone before I leave.
We have to apply to 5 different schools in 5 different countries – I eventually decided Shanghai should be my first choice – because China is a pretty interesting country, and the economy there is growing at the rate it is. Then I went for Barcelona because.. well its a nice city 🙂
Then Signapore, then Leeds and finally Mannheim. Now I have to write a so called letter of motivation and make an english CV – I guess translating my norwegian one should work. The letter of motivation is the hard part, its supposed to be one page, I got like.. not even half a page, and Im not sure what to mention as I didnt really write a letter of motivation before :/ Ah well I guess I’ll just have to figure it out tomorrow.
Now to make some dinner, Luna is coming over 🙂


2 responses to “New blog

  1. Tommelopp for deg! Jeg leste tilogmed hele, selvom det var på engelsk!

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