So Ive been trying to fill a page with reasons why I want to go to Shanghai, as I have to write this letter of motivation for my application for next year.. and I still havent managed. Its been a couple of hours, and Im just running out of good reasons to put there. I told them I think China is the best idea because their the fastest growing economy in the world, that their an important business partner to Norway. I told them I have always loved East Asia and that I have a degree in Japanese and Chinese, I even wrote some random stuff about why Fudan University is such a good school – how can this not be more than half a page? And its not that I dont want to study in Shanghai, cause I really really do. The first time I looked into it was like.. at least 3 years ago. Going to study in China was probably the main reason I decided on taking a degree in International Marketing to begin with, that and trying to get a job. Its just really hard to explain why, and even harder when you know its 50/50 grades and that letter of motivation they look at when they decide who gets in where next year – so it needs to be filled with really really good reasonable reasons! I went to the information meeting about studying in China today as well, now I want to go there even more. Judging by what the lady talking to us said some of the rules that apply in China are kind of weird, like you need to let the police know where you live – or they can take you down to the station and fine you. Oh and we need to get a tourist visa, and then make Fudan help us get a student visa.. cause if we apply for a student visa in Norway it might get declined, weird. All in all she told us more about the challenges we will be facing when living there, more than the good parts about it. Wish she had given us more reasons to go there, so I could have used them for my letter of motivation – but I guess I will try to sleep on it and have another look tomorrow.


2 responses to “Meh

  1. Hei Nicoline! Emilie her (din kusine eller hva det er jeg nå er) – så bloggen din via FB. Så kult at du skal til Shanghai! Jeg sitter selv og jobber hardt for å komme meg til NYC, så på mange måter er vi i samme båt. Jeg jobber da, pga skolepengene, som jeg så du har vurdert selv tidligere. Uansett, har du sett på nettet på alle de sidene som gir råd ang. motivasjonsbrev? Kanskje dumt spm. men det er i hvertfall noe du kan gjøre for å hjelpe med motivasjonsbrevet…

  2. Hei Emilie! 🙂 Hvordan går det? Så spennende at du skal til NYC, hva skal du studere der? Og ja.. jeg har sett på en del maler – men skal nok se på flere også ^^

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