Just another thursday..

I dont really have a whole lot to write about today, but Im bored so I decided to write anyway. The day started with a lecture on practical economics and business management, got to say Im affraid that will be my worst subject this semester.. next time we’re going to look into budgets and we have to bring calculators, numbers have never really been my strong side, and I already failed and retook the final in finance and economy – I really hope this subject will be better, I guess I just have to work on it more than the others.
Then I had a lecture on consumer behaviour, much easier subject and Jeanette goes to the lectures on it as well. Today was actually a pretty awesome lecture, we RPed! I was buying a house and Jeanette was selling it, we had to agree on what house I wanted (there was 3) and what price I would pay for it – we got role cards and everything.
After school I was suppose to meet Victoria, but she had to study so I decided to go to the gym instead. Worked out for about an hour before I got too tired, always something I guess. On my way to the gym I picked up a package from eyes lips face – an online makeup store Kaja told me about – I got 2 lipsticks, 7 eyeshadows, 2 eyeliners, a concealer 2 mascaras and a mirror for about 200 NOK. According to Kaja the makeup is really good as well, cant wait to try it all out. If you want to have a look at the webpage yourself you can click here.

I guess thats everything Ive done today more or less so far. Now to make some brownies, the plan is to study at school tomorrow and catch up a bit on the curriculum in some of my subjects – I think browies will make it a little less awfull 🙂

(a little later)
And here are the brownies! 🙂 Got to love my birthday present:


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