Studying Oo

Cant belive Im actually here at school on a friday. I know that sentence doesnt make sense unless your a student here at BI, but the thing is its really rare to ever have a lecture on a friday if you go here. Theres hardly any people here today, so even if I got to the library kind of late (12ish) I still got my favorite spot by the window, yay me 🙂
I also brought cofee and brownies so I hopefully wont need to spend money on anything, trying both to be a better student and to be better at saving. And yes I realise blogging isnt studying – and I will get back to consumer behaviour in a sec, just had to tell everyone that Im here studying!
Tonight Im going out with some friends, the plan is a beforeparty at Annes place, then girls night at Fridays. Will be pretty cool I think, I’ll blog about it tomorrow 🙂 Anyways I guess I should get back to studying, thats what Im here for after all. Heres the wiew from where Im sitting, got to love it 🙂


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