Freaking out! :S

I know this might sound more than just a little melodramatic – but Im really freaking out about wether or not I will get accepted to the university in Shanghai. It would be such a great oppertunity for me, and it seems like such a great city, just look at the picture its so modern and awesome! Everyone is talking about next year at school, discussing when to leave, who to live with, what they wrote in their letters of motivation and so on. I even overheard a group reading their applications out loud to eachother this morning.
My parents are talking about coming to visit me in China and how exciting it is, my grandmother wants to knit me a sweater so I can show all the chinese that Im norwegian and everyone just assumes I will get accepted. I should be really happy about that, but somehow it makes me freak out bigtime. That and everyone taking about it all the time, making plans before we know who gets in where. There are several reasons to let me go study in Fudan, but also reason not to, I really dont know what will happen..
I know I have a degree in asian languages and that hopefully a plus, right? I know that my average is a B and thats good also.. but that average doesnt include the two subjects I’ve failed. I have no idea whats more important, the average of the subjects you have passed or how many subjects you actually have passed. Or well, I guess its the subjects you have passed – must be 😦 You can have failed 3 subjects and still get to go study abroad though. Some of my classmates think that my credits from the other degree somehow counts as well, I cant see how thats possible, but if they do count thats awesome I guess. Now Im just rambling.. I really need to know about schools before I go insane, cant handle this waiting!
I dont even think getting my second or even third choice would be that bad, my worst fear is not getting in anywhere at all.. I know thats kind of unlikely, but somehow Im affraid that it can happen anyhow.
We wont know who gets accepted to what university untill march either, I really hope I can find a way to not think too much about schools or I will loose my mind. Right now its impossible not to think about next year, with everybody at school constantly discussing it, making plans.. ah well now Im just repeating myself I guess. Its just that I really really want to know what happens!


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