One long day (and one long blog entry)

Today I finally managed what I’ve failed to accomplish the last 3 weeks, to not oversleep for english class. Yay me! 😛 I was pretty embarrassed to show up after not showing up all this time, but as it turned out I wasnt the only one. Two of my friends at school also showed up for the first time today, and so did some other students, so it actually wasnt too bad. As it turned out today was a pretty important day as well, as we negotiated the first of 4 cases that we can get on the final in april. We were divided into groups and given a side in a conflict between management on one side, and a delegation protecting the employees interests on the other. We were discussing wether or not to start using home offices. Then we met a group from the other side and tried to come to an agreement. At first I really didnt think I would be all that active, but when we started to negotiate I ended up talking a lot – as I just couldnt keep my opinions to myself. The other group seemed pretty annoyed with us and we even had a time-out at one point, but in the end we managed to meet mid way and come to an agreement. We would try out home offices for 3 days a week and buy a smaller office. I didnt think I would have so much fun with this, but I actually had. I guess thats a good thing considering the job I migth end up with is likely to include real negotiations. I was going to stay at school and study untill the late lecture in International Marketing – but I simply couldnt live with myself without taking a shower, so I went home to do that.
In International Marketing it was all about negotiations today as well. 15 of my classmates negotiated a case the same way we will be doing at the final, so we could all learn from their mistakes. It was kind of slack for me as I didnt volunteer for it. Guess I should have joined the discussion to practise for my final, but I just didnt feel like talking in front of the rest of the class, we’re about 100 students.
After school more than anything I wanted to just go home and sleep, but my plan was to go to the gym so I did. They have a new contest now – called MÃ¥lsvettet. Basicly work out 12 times in february and get a free cap. Work out more than 12 times and get the chance to win 1000 NOK (thats 126 euros). I think working towards something might be good to keep me motivated, even if what Im working towards is a cap. So I signed my name on the list, and when I was done working out I got a sticker to put next to it. Kind of felt as if I was back in Kindergarden or something, but it was actually kind of motivating as well. In order to work out 12 times in february I guess I should aim for 3 times a week, that should actually be very doable considering I live pretty close to the gym, and I guess it would probably be really good for me as well – and get me better results than just 2 times a week like I was planning on to begin with.
When I got home my friend Luna called and asked if I wanted to join a trip to the movies next sunday, I would have to join a club – but the club actually seems pretty cool so I decided to go for it. Its called TSP – The Shadow Project. The club is for going to the movies (cheaper than if you go by yourself) and also some other events called cons. Seems pretty cool and joining it and paying for one ticket to the movies is actually cheaper than a regular ticket to the movies so its a win. If anyone else want to join you can go to this site. Think thats all for now, wow that was one long entry – but to be fair it was also a really long day 🙂


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