Today was a pretty slack day for me, hardly did anything at all because I got a cold and Im growing a wisdom tooth 😛
Victoria came over though (couldnt just watch tv alone all day long) and we made dinner, watched TV and talked. I also showed her Piknic.com. Piknic is a pretty awesome online free picture editor, found it on JJs Blog. First I helped Victoria her fix her profile picture on facebook, then we decided to make a friendship collage while we were at it (as the 14year old wannabes we are.. oh wait we’re both in our 20s – what went wrong?). Here are the results:

The weekend looks like it will be a lot more eventfull than today. Tomorrow Im going to the hairdresser to cut and color my hair – Im so nervous! Then Im going to Kaja and Stians place for dinner, before Im going to Lunas to stay there untill sunday I think the plan is.. Camilla is coming in from Bodø to stay there, and as Luna found a discount on camping beds at IKEA so she got plenty of sleeping space. Thats how she ended up inviting Maja and me as well. Expect a looong blog entry on monday ^^


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