A great weeekend – part 1

(I just got home from a really awesome weekend of hanging out with old friends. I have tons and tons of things I want to blog about, and if I put it all in one post that post would most likely take up about 3-5 pages. Thats why I decided to split it up into days- heres the post about friday :))

I started the day with a trip to the hairdresser, to color and cut my hair. I normally just color my own hair with some random haircolor from the store, but I decided I dont want red hair anymore and after trying to change the color myself for some time I eventually ended up going to the hairdresser. Apparently the red color from the store is really hard to get out again, so my big plan about light golden brown will have to wait for a few months. For now we did brown with light highlights and the red is all gone so Im really happy anyway. Next time we can make it a little lighter and add some more highlights 🙂
When I was done at the hairdresser I met up with Kaja, or actually she came there and met me because it ended up taking a bit over 2 hours because it was two different colors and a haircut. We went for cofee and then we got a few things from H&M before heading to my place. I packed all my stuff for the rest of the weekend and then we headed out to Lillestrøm where Kaja and Stian lives. Stian has the greatest hobby ever, he beads nintendo figures! He made me a toad one and a red mushroom one, both from the mario game 🙂 If you want one too he says he can sell them so just contact me and I can contact him.
Then Kaja made us dinner and we watched Disneys Pinochio, its a really sweet movie but we kind of ruined it a bit with our comments about how we wonder why the grasshopper can breathe under water etc..
I couldnt stay that long at Kaja and Stians though as I had plans to stay with Luna and Lene at Kringsj̴ for the rest of the weekend. I met up with them in Oslo about 22.30 and we went up to their place together with Maja and Camilla. Then I had another dinner with them (who doesnt love having two dinners?), and we stayed up and talked for a while. Lene and I watched a lot of old pictures and movies from when we went to Japan in 2009 on vacation, really made me miss the place РI definetly have to go back there again sometime soon. If I get accepted to the uni in China it will be easy I guess, but even if I dont I just have to go back to Japan and meet up with my friends that live there and just experience all of my favorite places there again. This might be a little random, but here are the two videos from my last stay there I like the best, I hope you all think their as funny as I do. The top one is from when we met up with Koichi, a friend of my uncles, in Kyoto. When he realised Lene was filming he decided to have some wasabi (the really strong green stuff you mix in the soya when you eat sushi) and well it didnt go so well, but the movie is awesome. The second one is from our hotel in Tokyo, they had these pretty scary massage machines and of course I had to try one..



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