A great weeekend – part 2

(I just got home from a really awesome weekend of hanging out with old friends. I have tons and tons of things I want to blog about, and if I put it all in one post that post would most likely take up about 3-5 pages. Thats why I decided to split it up into days- heres the post about saturday :))

Saturday started with a trip to Oslo, the plan was to somehow ditch Maja and get her a birthday present. We successfully convinced her that she needed a dress for the parties we were going to in the evening, but making her go get the dress on the way down to Oslo was harder. She felt it was more convinient to get it on our way back up to Luna and Lenes, and as she was actually right it proved really hard to convince her to go get the dress before we went to Oslo so we could buy a present before she got there. Luckily Camilla and me randomly ended up walking too quickly and lost Maja and Luna, Luna called us and told us to go get Maja a game while she kept her at a different store – so we ran to Gamestop and got her the new Assasins Creed game. We also got shoes, clothes and supplies for the rest of the weekend. When we got back we barely had time to eat before we had to head out again. We went to two different parties, one with out old chinese class and one with Lunas new japanese class.
The first party was at Benedictes place and was basicly to celebrate the chinese new year. It was nice to meet everyone again, and I also made some new friends as they had invited some exchange students from China. Apparently I should go study in Beijing rather than Shanghai, but when I told them that wasnt an option they said Shanghai is nice as well. After a few hours we left for the next party, the one with Lunas japanese class.
It was fun to see how similar they actually are to the class I was a part of in 2007, same style, same japanese expressions mixed into the conversation etc etc. We stayed at the party untill about 4 AM then took the nightbus back up to Kringsjå. We stayed up and talked for at least an hour and I dont think we fell asleep untill 6-7 AM, awesome night.


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