A great weeekend – part 3

(I just got home from a really awesome weekend of hanging out with old friends. I have tons and tons of things I want to blog about, and if I put it all in one post that post would most likely take up about 3-5 pages. Thats why I decided to split it up into days- heres the post about sunday :))

Sunday was the slackest of the days really. The first time we woke up I felt like hell, but luckily we decided to sleep for a little while longer. We slept untill about 12 or 13 I think, then we basicly just talked, played videogames and ate pizza for a few hours. Today Lene joined us again as well, she was working saturday sadly. In the evening we went to the movies with The Shadow Project, that club Luna made me join a few days ago. I got to say Im glad I joined, we got to the cinema and registrered on the list, and voila – we had our tickets. Now that Im a gold member I can basicly just join all the movies for the rest of the year, as they are included. The movie we went to was Disneys new animated movie – Tangled. We got to see it in english, (the original language thank god) – but with no subtitles. The movie was pretty awesome, it was a modern version of the fairytale Rapunzel. I know its a childrens movie, but we had tons of fun with it as well – a lot of good jokes, funny characters, etc – I absolutely think it was worth seeing. My favorite character was Maximus – hes a horse that can do all sorts of things, like fence with a sword in his mule and run at the speed of light 😛
After the movie, once again, we went back to Luna and Lenes place. This evening we took things a bit easier than saturday and played some Munchkin and Che Geek. At midnight Maja was 22, so we sang the birthday song for her and gave her the gift, she really liked it 🙂
I chickened out early and went to sleep at about 1.30 am, but apparently everyone else stayed up untill 4 AM – dont know how they do it. Today we woke up pretty early, as Luna and Maja had school. I took the subway with Luna so I could go home and finish my part of the assignment in Business to Business Marketing, then I somehow forgot the time and missed my late lecture on International Marketing – ah well I’ll do better tomorrow. And that concludes the triology about my great weekend 😛 I had an awesome time, it was really awesome to hang out with the old gang again – I didnt realise how much I’ve missed them. Their all so easy to be arround, and I dont have to make any effort at all to fit in. I have to get better at staying in touch with them from now on! Now Im going to the gym, I only worked out 2 times last week, that means I should work out 4 times this week to get back on track with my stickers so I can win that cap 😛


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