Bad news :(

I just got home from my lecture in International Marketing. Apparently the teacher had information about who applied to what countries next year, and he decided to share. We all thought the most popular destinations would be Singapore and New York, but as it turns out its actually Shanghai the most people applied for. Apparently it was about 50 applicants and they only have 20 or 30 spots, not sure what he said. The news hit me pretty hard, felt as if someone had punched me in the face. Now I feel as if I dont have a chance in hell of getting in where I want, and it really upsets me. I have wanted to go to China to study since before I even enrolled here at BI, as its the natural move after studying Japanese and Chinese. I want to work with East Asia, the only reason I decided to study International Marketing rather than stick with Japanese and Chinese was that I felt it would give me a better chance of finding a job. I have tried to make myself care less about what country Im going to next year, but right now China is the only place I want to go. In fact Im considering to stay in Oslo and improve my grades for a year if I dont get accepted. We also got a letter from the head of the International Marketing Programme, saying that she can contact us by phone or e-mail to talk about alternative universities. So now Im just waiting on an e-mail saying “sorry your not good enough why dont you go study some place else, like the North Pole?”
And yes, I know Im taking the news a bit too hard – might be Im just having a bad day. After all, all of the universities looks awesome.. it just doesn’t feel right for me to go anywhere else. Damn I just want to know already, the worrying is making me sick.


2 responses to “Bad news :(

  1. Aww :(I hope your degree in Asian Languages will help you a little in the right direction.Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  2. thanks, but I have kind of given up on it a bit.. doesnt matter though, nothing I can do about it now – I'll just have to wait and see 🙂

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