Today the plan was to have Maja, Lene and Luna over for dinner or boardgames or basicly whatever. Maja read about Stian beading nintendo figures in my blog and decided she wanted to buy her own beads – we ended up going to the toy store and buy 7 colors each. We also went to Clas Olson and found matching toolboxes to keep the beads in 🙂 Being childish is really awesome sometimes! We beaded for hours and hours, me, Maja (Lene had to leave) and Luna as well after a bit. We were pretty lazy and ordered food from spice – good food though, and came with free cutlery so why not. Maja made the figures from totoro, I tried to make a hattifnatt from Moomin and we all made tons and tons of mushrooms that looked just like the one Stian made for me, only in different colors. Amazing how much fun it is to bead stuff, havent done this since kindergarden.. untill now ^^


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