Its not the end of the world :)

So I guess I kind of overreacted yesterday, I was having a pretty bad day already so the news hit me harder than they normally would have. I need to remember that:

1) Noone has told me I cant go to Shanghai yet
2) If I cant go there its not the end of the world

If I dont get in I can either just go wherever they say I can go, wich probably wont be all bad considering all the awesome unis we can go to, or I can stay here in Norway, fix my grades and apply again next year.. either way, Ill survive.
If I was to go to say, Barcelona and not Shanghai it wouldnt be all bad. It would be a whole lot easier for my friends and family to go visit me, it would be easier for me to go home whenever I wanted and the climate is so much better.
And sure I know some chinese, but I actually studied spanish in high school as well, so learning it again wouldnt be that hard at all! And Barcelona is such a great city, I went there on vacation with my family a couple of years ago and I really loved it. Just look at this church – La Sagrada Familia, not as if Shanghai has anything like it.
The other schools I applied to in Singapore, Leeds and Mannheim are also all great schools, really I shouldnt have painted the world black yesterday.
Besides, noone even said I didnt make it, they just said it would be hard – maybe Im actually getting in, who knows. And now if I dont, at least I know that it was really hard and thats why.
And yes, sure I want to work with East Asia – but I already know japanese and some chinese, a degree in International Marketing will be a plus no matter where I go.
If I dont get to study in Shanghai I will have to deal with that when it happens, but yesterday I was forgetting it didnt happen yet. I dont know whats more important to BI when they decide who gets to go, maybe I aced the Letter of Motivation and my degree in Asian languages blew them away – maybe they decide whoever failed any subject at all wont get to go.. either way theres nothing I can do about it now. I’ll try to forget all about it untill I know what happens. Will be hard, but Im going to try and think about other things, like today my friends are coming over and we’re going to have a great time! 🙂


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