Aaaand its winter again =/

Got to say, even if this happens every year, its really really annoying how it seems like spring is just arround the corner one day – and then the next day it starts snowing again! About a week ago my friend Kaja and I decided to drink cofee outside, because it was so nice and sunny.. and warm!
Now we’re back on the wrong side of 0 degrees, and the wind makes it a million times worse. The only place thats warm in Oslo during the winter is the insanely crowded bus – today the timer went down to “now” about 3-4 times to then go back up to 5 minutes.. I would have made it home quicker if I walked. Then when the bus finally came, the crowd waiting at the bus stop was the size of 3-4 buses. We actually looked rather like a bunch of penguins standing there in the snow and the wind. And then of course when I got off the bus.. I saw another one just behind it, empty! So to everyone living in Oslo – learn from my mistake: The number 20 buses travel in packs, never get on the first one during rush hour! This also normally goes for bus number 31. Ah well people, the spring SHOULD hopefully get here for real next time, or the next time after that, or after that… you know, whenever it feels like it. Untill then, heres a song that made me at least a little happier while waiting for the bus. Hang in there, spring will get here eventually 🙂


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