..Nikoline the workoutaholic? :S

That sounds so wrong!
But it hit me today as I was on my way out of the gym, Ive actually worked out 4 times this week.. and at least one hour each time! Kind of made me think “damn who are you and where did the old me go?”.
You know that kid.. who always finished last and just never really kept up with the rest of the class on athletics test and stuff like that in high school? Im that kid.. at least I think I am, at this point who knows.. Am I becoming one of those crazy people that go to the gym every day and work out for hours and hours? Sure I want to be healthy and be happy with the way I look, but I dont want to end up as some workout fanatic.
Anyhow things are looking good for the february contest, or at least I have a plan to manage working out more than 12 times. I worked out 4 times this week, if I can do that for two more weeks thats 13 times, and if you work out more than 13 times you have a chance of winning 1000 NOK – thats not insane thats just wanting to win cash.
I must still be the good old lazy me, I just want a silly Friskis & Svettis beanie and the chance of winning money 🙂 After the contest is over I’ll probably just collapse and go back to working out 1-2 times a week. And hey in the meantime I work out enough to actually get really good results, I GUESS its a good thing – it just makes no sense that Im doing this, considering how I used to hate working out or well any physical activity at all. I even quit drinking cola (except during the weekend and other special occasions), and anyone that knows me will agree thats just.. insane!! Then again, why am I even complaining about this? If Im loosing the old cocaholic, computer game loving me to someone that likes to workout and take care of her body I guess its not really a bad thing.. is it? I dont know Im just surprised I guess.


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