Today me and my friend Nicolai had planned on watching The Big Bang Theory, but somehow my DVD-player and my external hard drive dont love eachother anymore (I think its because the hard drive had an affair with my laptop) and now they refuse to work together.
We decided to play some Risk instead. It was kind of cool, though its even more fun when your 6 people playing it rather than just 2. We decided we have to plan a Risk night with some of our friends soon, we used to do that all the time last winter, but somehow it just randomly stopped. Playing Risk with Nicolai is kind of awfull, because somehow he almost always rolls a 6, and hes also really good at tactics, while Im more “OH NOOO NOT JAPAN, JAPAN IS MINE, I’LL WIN IT BACK” and then loose because I dont really think things over, haha. Also, I have now worked out 6 times in february, half my way to the Friskis & Svettis beanie – yay me! I only worked out for about half an hour today though – OD’ed on cofee yesterday so I didnt really sleep much, ah well as long as I got a sticker its all good 🙂


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