Easter eggs, school and the Education Fair =)

I know the easter eggs from Freia have been out in the stores for a bit already, but somehow I havent been able to find them in any of my local stores – today, however I finally got me a package at 7eleven, yaay! I know its kind of sad to blog about candy, but its not just any candy.. its the easter eggs!! They are only out in the stores during easter, or well during the commercial easter, wich is obviously a whole lot longer. They taste really really awesome, so its always great when they get to the stores. =)
But hey, I can tell you about my day as well. Was a pretty terrible day at school, as we talked about “technical budgeting” for 4 hours.. I thought I was finally done with the budgeting when I passed Finance and Economic management last semester, but I guess I was wrong. That the guy next to me, that FYI didnt even pay attention to the lecture whatsoever (!!!!!!!), understood everything in a matter of seconds didnt make things better either. Im such an idiot when it comes to calculations and stuff like that its not even funny.. but I will just have to study real hard for the final I guess, and I have learned about budgets 2 times before, so I really should be able to pass it at the very least this time arround. As it turns out its normal for 50% of the final in Practical Economics and Business Management to be about budgets, so yay.. another “kill me now” period before the finals this semester I guess. School wasn’t all bad though, the Nescafe van was outside our main entrance and they gave away hot cofee for free 🙂 After school I went to meet with Luna, and we went to the Education Fair at Oslo Spektrum. Im pretty sure I wont really apply to yet another university anytime soon, but Luna is done with her degree in Asian languages soon and she needs something smart to combine with. I told her International Marketing is a win, but she would rather study at another school rather than BI. We also went to TT and got me everything I need to make my own maki, so now Im ready to roll! ^^ Now to start on my mandatory digital test in Practical Economics and Business Management.. damn that subject is going to be such a pain 😛


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