The Book Lady,The Scary Seagull and Gullivers Travels

Nothing like a good, lecture-free friday 🙂 Went to the gym pretty early to work out and learned something a little disappointing. Theres this lady at the gym that always brings a book with her and then reads it while she is spinning, and I have always thought she was so awesome because she kept spinning for ages and ages and ages.. BUT today I was at the bike next to her. As it turns out my hero is a fraud! She doesnt turn up the resistance whatsoever and she doesnt even pedal that fast =/ I guess I will have to look for a new hero at the gym, even if its still kind of funny that she reads while she works out. When I got home I decided to watch some series on the computer, then suddently I saw this huge seagull sitting on my balcony. It was actually kind of scary.. for a seagull that is, like I said it was quite big and it had these huge yellow eyes that doesnt show very well in the picture sadly. I dont get what it was doing in the middle of Frogner – dont seagulls like to stay by the water to eat fish and stuff? I decided I wanted to take a picture of it just for laughs, and I guess that kind of scared it of, both a relief and a disappointment 😛 But seriously look at the picture – it DOES look out of place, right? Ah well hope it found its way back to the sea.
In the evening it was time for another fieldtrip with The Shadow Project, todays movie was Gullivers Travels in 3D. I guess it had some entertainment value, but it wasnt the best movie I ever saw.. and the 3Dglasses I kept on just so I wouldnt have to see double/triple/whatever, the effects weren’t anything special. The story was basicly the classical Gulliver story, but they made it more modern. Like I said it had some entertainment value and several funny little details, but all in all I dont think I would have seen it if I didnt get to go for free because of my membership thingie. Ah well, always fun to go to the movies, and I’ve never been to Ringen Kino before, was actually pretty nice and modern, and it wasn’t too crowded either so tons of space for bags, jackets and so on 🙂


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