TV Weekend

Aight, my weekend. It was pretty nice. Saturday Nicolai and his friends had this High School Musical Marathon and they made me join as well. Cant belive we actually watched all 3 movies, damn.. and we’re all in our 20s – awesome. I guess what made it fun was making fun of the movies, and we did have pizza and drinks, that always helps 🙂 Nicolai crashed on the sofa, and then today we watched the big bang theory for about 3-4 hours – my dvd-player and my harddrive love eachother again!! 🙂 In the evening Victoria came over, I made brownies and then we saw “Love and other drugs”. I liked that movie a whole lot better than High School Musical.. wonder why, haha. Not a lot to blog about really, basicly been watching series or movies all weekend – but with friends though so at least I have been kind of social =/


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