Back to Business

Its been a slack weekend, and the week before that I dont feel as if I studied enough, so this week is going to be all about school. Several of my friends at school seem to feel the same way, and the plan was to meet up at 10.00 and study together. None of us are all that good at actually getting up in the morning though.. I got there first, at 10.20, then the next guy showed up at about 13.00.. I got some studying done while waiting on the others, then when they got there I kind of had a hard time focusing and didnt get all that much done. When the guys left I decided to study a bit longer on my own in the library, and I read twice as many pages in about half the time. Guess that means I better keep studying there instead. Theres this quiet room, where Im not allowed to use my laptop or eat or anything – and it seems like the perfect place for me to study. I studied untill 18.00, so I was actually at school for quite a while today, Im proud of myself 🙂 After school I went to my grandparents house to pick up some stuff for my parents – had a long good talk with my grandmother about basicly everything I guess, was nice. The plan was to go to the gym today as well, but when I got home I just didnt feel up to it, really tired and I have a cold as well. This means I wont be able to work out 12 times in february, as Im not home for 5 more days in february – going to Norefjell with my family. It wasnt really about the prize though, and I have done pretty good all the same, who knew I would work out 3-4 times a week for so long, haha. I will try to keep working out at least 2-3 times a week from now on, going to ski a lot this weekend so I feel that its ok to not make the 12 times in february – I will still be moving arround a lot and stuff. And studying is more important as well I guess, our first finals are actually already in april – in english and international marketing, so I better enter my studymachine mode as soon as I can 🙂


2 responses to “Back to Business

  1. You guess a lot. Stop guessing, start knowing!

  2. I know you were late? 😀

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