Some pretty special guest lecturers

Today we had some pretty special guest lecturers visiting BI norwegian school of management – the prime minister Jens Stoltenberg and the finance minister Sigbjørn Johnsen. We finished the lecture in Business to Business a little sooner so we could all go listen to them.
I have never seen the auditorium so crowded before, people were sitting in the stairs and standing in the back or against the walls. I was there 30 minutes early and I barely even found a seat. The ministers mostly talked about the norwegian economy, the finance crisis, and how Norway have managed to keep the unemployment rate rather low, compared to other countries. They made some pretty good points. Among other things norwegians generally have a higher education, the women work as well as the men, we find ways to give almost everyone in the country a share of the economic growth etc. They also made it very clear that we dont depend mostly on oil, 80% of our BNP comes from the work force. We used some extra money from the oil fund to help us survive the financial crisis, and now we will use a little less to make up for it again, as the times are better.
Fun to see them in person, and hear about how they wiew the norwegian economy.


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