YESS! :)

I just got an e-mail from school about next year, got my first choice – Fudan University in Shanghai!! Im so happy about this, was prepared to stay in Norway and improve my grades and everything if I didn’t get in. Now that I know Im actually going to study at Fudan University I want to tell you a little about the university.
Fudan is ranked the 3rd best university in China, and the best university in Shanghai. BI and Fudan have worked together for a long time. I think it is the best university for me, because Shanghai is the financial centre of China and China is likely to be the worlds greatest economy by 2030. Norway and China have been trading more and more the last few years as well and several norwegian companies have moved part of the production to Shanghai. We also export tons and tons of salmon to China, among other products. It was also the most natural choice for me, because I already took a degree at the University of Oslo in Japanese and Chinese. I hope that I can be able to work either in East Asia or with East Asia in the future, and this is definitely a great start!
On the downside, I will be living very far from home for an entire year – and I have to leave already in the beginning of august to take an introduction course to chinese. I already studied chinese for a year at the University of Oslo – but I know that I’ve forgotten a lot, and I need to remember it again to be able to function in Shanghai. I did live in Japan for 5 months though, and allthough I got kind of homesick towards the end it really helped when my family came to visit – and they want to visit me in Shanghai as well. Im so excited, feels like an adventure – cant belive Im actually going, as I was so sure I wouldnt get in – but I did! 😀


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