2011 looking good

Looking at my plans for 2011 so far makes me really happy. I really love travelling, and 2010 wasn’t the best travelling year.. in 2011 I already have two trips planned in addition to the whole living in China thing 🙂
I have been talking to my friends from UiO about going somewhere for a while now, and yesterday we decided on London. There will be 7 of us going, and we have already ordered planetickets and booked a hostel. As we’re flying with Ryanair and staying in a dorm at a hostel we didn’t really pay a whole lot. Will be less than 1500 NOK for the planetickets and the hostel, so thats actually very affordable even for me while Im kind of trying to save up some money for China.
Then in May I will be going to Iceland with my family, wich will be great as well. Never been to Iceland and I would definitely love to see what its like there, their nature seems pretty unique.
And of course, I will most likely be leaving for Shanghai in july or august for my indroduction course to chinese before the real semester starts. Im still extremly happy about getting in – must have read the e-mail from school a million times 🙂 Of course I still have to apply to Fudan, but the students BI nominates generally get accepted. Another condition is that I need 97,5 credits or I wont be able to go.. I got 75 now, and one subject is 7,5.. should be allright as long as I pass most of my finals 🙂
And hey, while Im already in East Asia I definitely want to go back to Japan, and I can go visit my classmates that will be going to Singapore. I want to see Seoul as well, and the list goes on and on and on – anyhow: 2011 is looking pretty good! 🙂


3 responses to “2011 looking good

  1. I hope you will have great time in Iceland!I'm looking forward to seeing you in Japan:)

  2. thankyou! I look forward to seeing you too 😀

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