Freeloading :)

Today I decided to join Kaja at her gym in Lillestrøm, rather than go work out alone at F&S 🙂 It was bring a friend day, so I didnt pay for anything and it was fun to see how SATS works. Kaja is all about going to different group sessions, so today I joined one as well. I can agree that you push yourself a little harder when your in a group, compared to when your working out on your own, and you know you work out right, etc – I think I want to try and join some group sessions at F&S as well. After the workout we went to Rema 1000 with Stian, and hey.. free pizza! xD
Then we went back to Oslo only to find Coca Cola was doing some event that included them giving away free cola and food also (I dont think Im ment to give up cola). Soo I guess Im a freeloader, at least today – haha 🙂 Most interesting blog entry ever right? 😛 Ah well I just felt like writing something.


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