The official written letter

Today we got to go pick up our official (written on paper) offer for schools next year. Everybody got an e-mail about it during the lecture, saying we could go get the letter today instead of waiting for BI to send it. I was really excited about getting my offer in writing as I hoped for some more information on when the semester will begin and stuff like that. We all made our way up to the International Office to pick up the letters. When we got there it wasnt just students from International Marketing picking up their letters, but basicly everyone going to study abroad next year. Pretty long line, but I wanted to see what was in the letter. The lady at the counter went to get us our letters, and I was thinking “yay, this is it this is my letter about my school in Shanghai!”… then I opened the envelope only to find that within it was one single page. The page had even less info on it than the e-mail I got last week, but we have to fill out a form at the bottom and return it to confirm that we want to study at the school their offering to nominate us for. I guess we will get more info when we actually accept the offer. I still have good news about next year though – I found some room mates: Cathrine and Irene from my group in International Marketing and Business to Buisness 🙂 We have already started to look at some appartments. Theres also a facebook group for all the students going to Shanghai next year so we can get to know eachother (the IM class is way too big for us to know everyone)… looks like a cool group, 19 guys and 7 girls in it so far though, haha. Ah well less girls should equal less drama right? I can’t stop thinking about next year, Shanghai looks like such a great place to study 🙂 So many things to do, and the prices are real low. I want to do some traveling within Asia as well while Im living in China, Japan is a must, and I would love to see South Korea and Hong Kong as well. We have friends going to Singapore as well, so we want to visit them too.. I just want to go there right away, haha ^^


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