Weekend trip to Beitostølen

This weekend it was time for the annual trip up to the mountains with my friends. Or well, it is an annual trip, but it was only the second time I joined it. Anyhow, this year we went to Beitostølen and it was a rememberable weekend for sure. We drove up to the cabins friday, as it was a 3-4 hours drive we didnt go skiing, but we had a pretty nice party in the evening, with taco and drinks. Saturday a few of us went to check out the skiing centres – as theres two of them and the keycard works both places. We wanted to try the place with the steepest slopes, but when we got there it was pretty dead, only one of the elevators working and no other people.. after Leif had tried to talk to the guy working at the broken elevator we eventually went back up to the family centre. We had a few good go’s in the slopes and grabbed lunch as well before we had a slightly dramatic turn of events. Leif took a pretty nasty fall in one of the elevators and he couldnt get up again on his own.. the people working at the centre, helped by PM, had to take him down to the doctor. Eventually they decided to send him to Geilo for an x-ray exam and Leif said he didnt need us to go there with him.. even if we were all pretty worried about how he was doing we decided there wasn’t really anything we could do other than make sure his car and skis were safe and hope for the best. We went out to eat at Peppes Pizza (yes there was a pizzastore, a wine monopoly and several stores at the skiing centre) and then we played some drinking games at the cabin. After a few hours Leif returned to Beitostølen by taxi, feeling a little better at least – looks like he will be allright again 🙂
Today (sunday) we basicly just cleaned out the two cabins we rented and then drove home. On our way to Oslo we listened to the 5 mile on the radio, the last contest in Ski VM Oslo to pass the time. The norwegian skiers did great and came in 1st, 3rd and 4th. Everybody texted the one swedish guy in the group, Niklas, congratiulating him on Sweden winning 7th place, hehe. A great trip up to the mountains. Here’s a video from the last night we spendt up there, we’re playing a game called 21 – we count to 21, and each time we get there the person saying 21 gets to substitute a number with a rule. We did 10 instead of 11 and 13,14,15 instead of 9 among other things. Tons of fun!


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