Today I had tons of things I wanted to do or at least felt as if I should do, work out, study, etc.. As it turned out it was simply impossible to get them all done, I dont know if Im just tired after the weeekend or if Im actually starting to get ill – but the result is the same: I got absolutely nothing done all day! 😦
The first plan, working out before class, failed miserably as I simply didn’t get up in time for it.. I really felt that I should work out after a weekend of unhealthy food and alcohol at the cabin, but that didn’t happen so I guess all I can do is try to go there tomorrow.
The second plan, to meet up with my study group and start on the international marketing case for real, definitely failed as well. Nobody was motivated or focused enough to do anything at all and we basicly just sat there and talked the entire time.. (except Yong that actually wrote something) at least we made it to the lecture on what should be in a presentation, so now we more or less know what we should get done by april 15th (the day of our presentation and 40% of our grade).
After failing to work out before class I told myself I should go there after class instead, I failed again and ended up watching TV all evening.. I was exhausted after doing more or less nothing at school somehow. Nothing really helped – tried cola, tea, food.. everything 😦 Now its only 23.00 and Im seriously considering to just go to sleep, as I don’t think I will be able to do anything productive with this day anyhow.. who knows, maybe I can get up early tomorrow and finish the stuff I wanted to do today. I really hope Im not sick, I don’t really have the time, as our first finals will be in the start of april.. ah well, hopefully it’s a one day thing. Peace out.


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