Annikas birthday

So yeah, I was sick 😦
The day before yesterday was awfull – feber and random tiredness, yesterday I took a looong nap to see if that could maybe help a little, and hey it actually did! The feber was more or less gone, and the random tiredness might have actually just been normal tiredness, who knows.
Yesterday was also Annikas birthday, shes a friend from UiO. I decided to go to the party, as I felt a lot better and I hadn’t seen Annika in ages. It was a really nice birthdayparty with cake and pizza and basicly everything. I didn’t know a lot of people there, but they all seemed nice so it wasn’t an issue. I took it kind of easy because I had been sick and all, so today I feel fine as well – off to the lecture in Practical Economics and Business Management – yaaaaaaay! 😛


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