Party with the IM class

This evening there was a party for all of us going to study abroad next semester. I’ve never really been to any of the parties with BI untill today, as I didn’t really know anyone, etc etc. Today I went there with Iman Irene and Yong though, and it was tons of fun.
We met a few people going to China and Singapore (where Yong is going) and they all semed nice. The students from Singapore sort of invited us to go to Bali with them for their get to know eachother week, but we sort of already made plans to go to Hainan – wich is the Hawai of China, so we’ll see. Everyone seem really excited about next year. There was some Beerpong matches as well, country against country. Of course it was China vs Singapore, and of course Singapore won – won’t hear the end of it.. but hey at least I actually managed to hit once ^^ (you need to throw a ping pong ball into the other teams beerglasses) It was actually really nice to meet some more of my classmates, most of my prejudices against business school kids are gone.


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