Earthquake in Japan

This morning the 5th most powerfull earthquake registrered since 1905 hit Japan. It’s magnitude was up at 8,8 – in comparison the earthquake that caused the tsunami in Thailand a few years ago was a 9. The earthquake unleashed a massive tsunami that hit Japans east coast, taking cars, buses and even buildings with it. Fires startes as well, as a result of the massive wave. The government count at least 30 dead – a number that is likely to increase and they fear thousands of deaths. While this is a terrible tragidy for the country, my first concern was my friends living in Japan. Luckily the ones I have talked to seem to be allright. The people in Togane, where I went to study 4 years ago, were evacuated to the university.While they don’t have electricity (and no heating) so their rather cold and their phones don’t work, at least their safe and they survived the tsunami. My friend living in Kansai wrote this on his facebook page:

Unbelievable Big earthquake struck to Japan and Tsunami caused by it.

I am safe.Me and my family,my house,my town,everything no damage at all because here Sanda city is 900 km far from Sendai,a place of this point of Earthquake.

But many disaster in Sendai and near cities.
I feel for,worry, to many people who living in these cities…..

Obviously this is a tragedy for Japan, and Im really worried about everyone I havent talked to yet.


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