Trying to keep distracted

The number of dead in Japan is now up at 10 000, and 590 000 japanese have had to flee from their homes. In the area arround Sendai the stores are running out of food and theres stories in the media about parents loosing their children and cities lying in ruin. Some of the nuclear powerplants are still in the dangerzone and are now being cooled down by seawater in lack of anything else. There are also touching stories about survivors though, like Hiromitsu Shinkawa – 60 years old, rescued 15 km from land after two days, the guy survived on his own rooftop. He was even in good shape when they found him apparently. I got to say this guy is a hero, surviving in the situation he was in – impossible for me to understand how he did it, as his house was swept out to sea by the tsunami. Theres a video of them saving him in this article here, the article is in norwegian, but the movie is at the very top. 🙂
Stories like that are so awesome in the middle of all the terrible ones. The rescue work is really hard apparenttly because of broken roads and general chaos. They have to work on 3 main issues: the damages from the earthwquake and the afterquakes, the damages from the tsunami and also the power plants. If anyone can do it its the japanese though. I wish this never happened to them, but I belive the deaths would have been multiplied by hundreds in any other country.
After wathcing the news all night friday I decided there was nothing more I could really do and decided to try and do other things, to try and feel at least a little less depressed. I had already planned a trip to my friend Idas place in Hamar, and even if it feels unfair and selfish to have fun while this is going on I went there in order to try and feel a little better. It was really awesome to see Ida again, we studied together in Togane back in 2007, but as she moved to Hamar we havent met a lot the last few years. We went to a party and then out for drinks, distracted me a bit to be arround friends and do fun things. Today we were all really tired so we basicly just slacked in front of the TV untill I had to catch my train back to Oslo. Now Im back home again and Im reading up on the disaster – have been able to contact most of the people I have contact information on, but theres tons of nice people I used to hang out with I dont have any chance of reaching – it’s very conforting to know that everyone living in Togane are safe at the university though, I just hope everyone still lives in that area. I was also really reliefed to see that my friend that used to live in Yokohama moved to Thailand, and my friend that studied in Akita has now moved back to Okinawa. Allthough I try not to Im still worried sick about the ones I cant reach and the ones that did not respond yet, I really hope they are alive – most likely they are, but it would be so much better to know for sure..


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