The Burn addicts

I have found a new distraction – studying! Our group final in International Marketing isn’t too far away, so the group plan on meeting up almost every day at 9 AM. Getting up early is definitely not my thing – and even if I overslept Im still extremly tired. When Yong and Frederick decided to buy Burns (energydrinks) I couldn’t stick to my decision on not drinking stuff like that – so now we got the pink burn, the black burn and the green burn, we’re like a commercial 😛
Found a few more of my japanse friends e-mails today and sendt them messages, but my tactic is to try and focus on school this week and just check the news once or twice a day. Im also checking for news from my friends on facebook – the ones that are updating their statuses seem to be doing fine considering the circumstances – but apparently theres still aftershakes.


4 responses to “The Burn addicts

  1. Which Burn was best? I've only tasted the original one, and thought it was horrible.. – Julie

  2. The pink one – for sure 🙂

  3. Cuuuuuute giraffe! ^^,

  4. its what you see if you have too much caffeine! XD

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