phew ^^

I am going to sound like a broken record, writing about Japan AGAIN – but honstly its the only thing I care about right now. Today I got an e-mail from another friend of mine that lives there – Kyoko, Aoi and Nami are all safe, thank god. They live in Togane as well, so I figured they might be, but its always nice to hear from people all the same. Such a relief, heard from almost all my friends now – at least almost all the ones I have any chance of contacting. Apparently the biggest issues in Togane right now are the power blackouts and lack of trainlines running as normal. The thing that scares me the most right now is the powerplant in Fukushima – if huge amounts of radioactivity reaches Tokyo it will be simply horrible – it’s the biggest city I have ever been in.. if you go stand at the very top of Tokyo tower (wich is basicly the eifel tower, only red and 5 meters taller), the only thing you see in all directions is tall buildings. Yokohama is right next to Tokyo and thats a huuge city as well, so obviously tons and tons of people can get hurt. Im trying to stay positive though – as it would kill me if I didn’t. There’s now 180 people working on the reactors, and apparently they have stopped what they can, according to norwegian media. The rest sort of have to slowly die out, but they still need to work on cooling everything down. The more time that passes – the smaller the chances of a meltdown. Watched a few videos from the most damaged areas, and it really upset me, still I have to say Im impressed by how well the japanese are coping with all of this. They all seem so calm, even a guy riding his motorcycle for 2 days from Tokyo to his hometown to see wether or not his mother is still alive was completely calm while talking to the press – you could still see in his eyes how upset he was though. The japanese also show us how caring and civil they are – sharing what little food and water they got with eachother, and not plundering other peoples homes like locals have done in other areas affected by similar disasters. I have probably said this a million times before – but if there’s a people that doesn’t deserve this its the japanese. In the spirit of staying positive I won’t post a sad picture, but a happy one. This is from my 20th birthday that I celebrated with my friends from Togane and my classmates from Norway – one of the best parties ever.


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