Slow Weekend

So I have been sick – again, bah.. guess I never really got completely well again last time, happens I guess. So yeah, haven’t been a lot to blog about, basicly been home studying, watching shows or playing computer games most of last week. I have also been able to contact or at least get info about most of my friends living in Japan, wich is great. Felt a little better friday, so I went to “I am Number Four” with The Shadow Project. It had quite a few good action scenes in it, but the storyline wasn’t all that great and some of the lines made me wonder if they made them that bad on purpose or something. Still, I really liked some of the effects and the bad parts are nice to make fun of, so I think the movie is definitely worth seeing.
The rest of the weekend has been rather uneventfull so far, yesterday I didn’t even leave the appartment, and today I am actually at school – studying in with my IM/B2B group.. we’re not all here yet though so Im not even sure what we’re doing right now. Sometimes its nice to have a slow week/weekend, just to reload a bit – I feel a little less sick today and I hope Im getting better for real this time, not just for a few days.


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