This is great! 14 degrees in Oslo today – thats awesome considering it was snowing just a few weeks ago! Today I have actually been outside a lot, and it wasnt awfull! Got my Allstar shoes and my leather jacket and had icecream.. outside! Im in shock, did not expect spring to get here this early this year.. it was snowing about two weeks ago and last week was cold as well. As you can see in the lower photos, we still have some snow – BUT! It IS melting and that is awesome.

Today actually started out pretty lame, with presentation day in my english class. My plan was to not have a script and just remember some key points.. of course when I was actually standing there trying to do this I didn’t remember anything and it just became random babbling + what was in the slides, so yeah.. bad plan. Luckily this presentation was just practise for my final, and it doesnt count on the grade. After class I was prepared to just go home sulking about it and possibly work on the slides again, but then both Kaja and Victoria called and wanted to meet up.. sounded like a much better plan, and with the nice weather it really saved my day to walk arround town out in the sun 🙂


One response to “Spring?

  1. SHH! Don't say spring! Next thing you know there's another 10 inches of snow again!

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