Work alert!!

The summer is closing in and today I got an e-mail from my job – Tusenfryd. Tusenfryd is Norways biggest amusement park by far, and I’ve worked there 6 summers in a row now. My job the last few years has mainly been at a ride called Sky Coaster – it’s acually a pretty sweet ride, like a giant swing sort of. As you can see in the picture safety is obviously a priority here, and for the ride to be able to operate you need a so called Site Controller to be present at all times. Thats where I come in, hehe. To become a Site Controller you actually need to take both a practical test and a theory test, and you also need to retake the theory test every year. I got mine today and it made me realise that next season isn’t too far away. April and May will be pretty busy months for me by the looks of it with finals, Tusenfryd and applying once again to the uni in China. Im determined to find time for a social life as well though, as I will be leaving for Shanghai in the end of july. Im sure I can make it work, I just have to follow the japanese 6 hour sleep rule rather than the norwegian 8 hour one 🙂


2 responses to “Work alert!!

  1. Yes! Let's social it up 😀 Red Riding Hood with TSP 1.april? =)-Jonas

  2. Im sorry, but that's my dads birthday so Im going out for dinner with my family.

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