Stop Snowing already!!!

Yeah thats right – it wasn’t spring yet after all.. snowing AGAIN!
Im Seriously sick and tired of this whole norwegian winter/spring battle going on. Last week I could walk outside in the sun with no jacket and eat icecream. Today it’s been snowing all day long. Been at school all day, as planned, studying and discussing with the International Marketing group – I did finish my powerpoint presentation as well (for the english final) and sendt it to my teacher for feedback. I really hope it’s allright now so I can make a script and start practising for monday! Stayed at school untill 7, so thats actually 9 hours. Im a bit more motivated to study now that I got some of the things I wanted done. Plan on studying in the library on my own tomorrow and finish the curriculum for the english final.


One response to “Stop Snowing already!!!

  1. Good luck tomorrow;D

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