The first finals closing in

My first final is this monday, then I have 2 days of the next one thursday and friday… guess my first finals are really really close. Im worried about them, but I somehow still cannot make myself 100% motivated to study as much as I feel like I should. Today Im going to force myself to stay at school untill I have finished my presentation for my english oral final at least – possibly longer. I think I just have so much I should do that I don’t even know where to start. In International Marketing, the other oral final, we are a group working together so that motivates me to work a bit more. The whole concept of that final creeps me out though, we are 2o people there every time, 5 people are playing a consultant team and have to give a presentation, then the other 15 are board members and need to discuss the case after.. the final lasts for 4 days in total. Ah well blogging won’t really help me doing any better I guess so.. back to work!


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