So I did it, I actually managed to get up on time and got to the library when it opened. When I got there it was like a ghost town though – me and the washing guy.. and that was it. I thought I had to get there early to get a spot, but I forgot that most people don’t really have finals in april, so I was more or less all alone the first hour or so, haha. At first it felt like a waste to go there so early, only to find that I would have gotten a spot no matter what. When I think about it now it was actually smart anyhow, as I had promised to have dinner with my family this evening to celebrate dads birthday. This way I still got 8 hours of studying, and read about 100 pages – Im proud of me! Dinner with the family was awesome and Ludvig talked me into watching movies with him this evening rather than study even more before going to sleep, I do have my first final monday, but considering I studied 8 hours already and 9 hours yesterday as well I guess it’s fine 🙂 Going back to study more tomorrow as well – the plan is to get there when it opens and leave when it closes 🙂


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