My name is Nikoline, and Im a caffeine addict

To those of you that thought I had finally quit cola – I failed again. To those of you that didn’t know, I have been more or less addicted to cola for the last 6 years. I have managed to quit in periods, but always with cofee or tea as a substitute, if I don’t have any caffeine I am likely to get a terrible headache, and become both tired and angry for no reason at all.
Tried to quit several times, but it’s no good.. eventually I always crack. It can be the agony of flying for 15 hours and then arrive in Japan to hear the guy at the airport saying “Good morning miss”. It can be grabbing a cofee with my friends. Once it was simply enough to walk past the cola in the store on a bad day.. my point is, it is very possible to be addicted to caffeine! A lot of people tell me my addiction is all in my head, and that might very well be true, but my the pain in the back of my head is very real, and it is almost certain it will be there if I don’t have any cola/tea/cofee in my system. Once I managed to quit all 3 for about a week, had headaches for the first 5 days of that week. I feel a little frustrated at the moment, as today was one of those days I didn’t drink any cofee in the morning right away.. I got a pretty bad headache, took a painkiller and it didn’t help.. then I had some cofee and voila – the superstudent is back. Now is not the time to quit though I guess, in the middle of all the finals and everything, but I would really like to solve this problem some day =/


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