H&M me

So this is it – this is how I want to look this summer 😛
Picked out the clothes myself on H&M’s homepage. Saw that JJ had tried the whole “trying the clothes on someone else” feature out, so I wanted to have a look as well. Honesly Im not sure if I like it or not, this is a model – it’s not me. Still it’s nice to see how different clothes can work together I guess, really want the dress now at least – if I do allright on my first few finals I will go buy it on the next student loan, haha 🙂
Then it is only a matter of growing 5 cm and loosing a few kilos. No time for the gym in the middle of finals though, or well sometimes I just go do other stuff instead, like trying out this feature on H&M’s website or blog about it after, but to actually go work out takes longer.
Today I have simply been the worst student ever, hardly even looked at my presentation or the curriculum.. all I did so far was listen to some audio lectures online =/ I will still be fine though, as I promised myself to not go to sleep untill Im positive I will talk for about 7 mins during the presentation part of the final and I know all the key parts of the curriculum for the discussion part.


2 responses to “H&M me

  1. haha du er som meg, ser på klær mens vi egentlig skal lese til eksamen.. dreamteam!

  2. ikke sant! xD Lykke til i morgen!!!

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