So tomorrow is my first final – english oral. I have read or at least discussed more or less the entire curriculum and im very ready for the part of the final where I am supposed to discuss it. What I am more worried about is the other part – I have to do a power point presentation, and I am kind of nervous about it. It’s silly, because the presentation is on an elective subject, and I have more or less finished it already. The only thing left is to finalize what I want to say on each slide, have the general idea but it needs to be 7 minutes sharp, so I guess a set script might be a good idea. My plan all along was to not have too much to do today, thats why I have already gone over the curriculum and I have most of the presentation ready – I will probably end up repeating the presentation to myself over and over and over and over again all day though, now that I have the curriculum covered. I don’t think it’s healthy that I am this nervous already, but in 24 hours from now, I am in a classroom somewhere discussing negotiation techniques with the teachers! There’s also a good thing about that though, in 25 hours I am done with one of my finals! 🙂


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