Facing my fear

So today was the day I have been worrying about for about a month now – the english oral final exam. I woke up way too early, feeling extremely nervous about the presentation. I really hate talking in front of people, even if I know it will most likely be a vital part of my work after I graduate. I went over the presentation for myself a few times, but mostly I just complained about how nervous I was to whoever would listen on facebook and msn. I went to school a little early, to print out my Preparation sheets for the examinators and have some time to find the right room. I still got there kind of early, but as it turned out the student before me had been a no-show, so they wanted me to go in and do my presentation right away if I was ok with it. I told them it was fine, and more waiting would probably just make me nervous anyhow. During the actual presentation I was terribly nervous, Im sure I didn’t even say everything I wanted to – but at least I managed to force myself to make eye-contact with the examinators.
For the discussion part, I felt it went really really badly because they asked me about an article I didn’t really study that well and I also got a case I didn’t really remember that much about. When I got out of there I felt as if it hadn’t gone all that well and I was prepared for maybe a D or a C with some luck. One of the examinators came out to give me my grade, and I felt more nervous than ever.. but then the most amazing thing happened, the nice lady said “excelent work, we gave you an A”. Apparently I had seemed rather nervous during the presentation, but the discussion was really good! Im still in shock, hard for me to belive it actually went this well and Im thinking I must have heard it wrong or something, but I guess I didn’t.. I actually aced the final I was the most worried about! This gives me faith in my ability to talk in front of people, and makes me really really happy! It’s even better to do well on something you don’t think your good at than something you already know your good at. So now Im really happy and reliefed, allthough I want to see the grade in writing to make 100% sure it’s actually real.
No time to relax though, I also got a case for consumer behaviour today that is due next monday, and there’s 2 of the 4 seminars in International Marketing this week as well to worry about.. but hey this was a GREAT start of the finals and I will use it to motivate myself to work even harder on the next ones. To sum it all up:
Niko: 1 – Stupid nerves: 0!


2 responses to “Facing my fear

  1. HAHA akkurat det samme skjedde med meg;P Jeg kunne ikke tro det!;D hehe. Gratulerer masse masse,du er flink!:)

  2. takk 😀 Jeg trodde seriøst jeg hadde fått C eller D :S

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