BI – my new home? :P

So today we met up at 9, determined to study the case that is up for discussion this thursday – we’re going to discuss it further tomorrow – then there’s the two finals.. and this weekend I am considering to come here as well to finish up my case in consumer behaviour.. I even returned to school yesterday after I finished the english final, feel as if I spend more time at school than at home lately. I guess that’s just the way it has to be when I got all this work to do, still kind of sad hehe. Now I am working on my site controller test for Tusenfryd, not schoolwork but as half of my group left already I think it’s allright.. and I have to mail the test to Tusenfryd by tomorrow so I really need to get it done as well. Im really tired of constantly sitting at school working on something and I look forward to being done with International Marketing, I think that is the most challenging final this semester most likely. Now I am trying to make my mind work by listening to classical music, or well close to classical music anyhow – there is this really great composer from Turin called Ludovico Einaudi, his work is classical but also kind of similar to several movie soundtracks. This is one of the plays I like the best – Divenire (to become), really helps me focus and relax 🙂


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