Another day at school :P

So we’re here at BI today as well, working on the first part of our final in International Marketing. I feel that I know enough of case 1 to be able to at least raise my hand a few times during the discussion tomorrrow, so Im not being over serious today. Today I also met my new speaking partner for the first time, her name is Vivian and she is actually from Shanghai – so it’s great that I get to talk to her 🙂 The point is that I should learn mandarin and she should learn norwegian, but today we mostly just got to know eachother and we talked in english. It was so nice to do something that’s not studying for a change, hehe. I plan on staying here for a while today and work on consumer behaviour as well, but I don’t feel as if I should do that while my group in International Marketing is still here, so Im taking it easy now while we discuss the case for tomorrow. I should probably be more nervous about the first day of the final, but it’s not our group presenting tomorrow so I think it will actually be allright 🙂 Trying to be a little positive about a final for a change.


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