International Marketing round 1

Im not sure if people really want to hear about my final in International Marketing today, but I think it was a pretty special type of final, so I want to tell you guys a little bit about it 🙂
The final consists of 4 seminars – and it’s actually all a big Role Play. In each big group, there’s 4 smaller groups, every time there is one group that plays the part of a consultant team – presenting a solution to a problem the company is having. The rest of us play the parts of board members. Today I was a board member, and it was actually almost a little fun. I thought I would get really nervous and not say enough – or possibly just raise my hand and then still don’t get to talk. I had way way way too much cofee while preparing for this case though, so I was still on a caffeine rush. I constantly raised my hand, and got to say a whole lot – I dont think even half of it was relevant to the curriculum, etc.. but Im still actually pretty happy with the result 😀 Now that I know more about this type of final, I will be able to make an even better case tomorrow and maybe use more theory from the text book.


2 responses to “International Marketing round 1

  1. haha takk, gjør så godt jeg kan 🙂

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