Light at the end of the tunnel

As whoever has read my blog lately know, this week has been pretty stressfull for me. I had a final monday, I got a paper that has to be done by next monday, I also have a final today and one tomorrow.. and to add to things, a bill caught me by surprise so Im pretty broke as well. Next week will be slightly better, but I have two finals then as well, so Im pretty stressed out. I am now, however, trying to think positive. This weekend should be pretty fun, both Cahtrine and Irene are celebrating their birthdays, and even if I can’t really afford to go out I am definitely going to the before parties 🙂 Then april 15th is the last final for a few weeks (the next one after that is may 5th) and also the day my next student loan gets in. The 4 finals I have now are all really just 1 subject (International Marketing), and we are 5 of us that have been working together on it, so we are all going out to dinner to celebrate when we’re done. Not to mention, april 22nd Im going to London with my friends from UiO – I have tons of good things coming up as well, and while I naturally have to keep focused on the final – Im trying to keep in mind that this hard period of tons of studying and having to save money won’t last forever, it’s actually over (at least for a little while) soon 😀 Anyways back to studying, my final is this evening (of all things) – wish me luck! 🙂


2 responses to “Light at the end of the tunnel

  1. Lykke til! 😀 Gleder meg til å dra til London med dere, det blir bra. c:

  2. tusen takk, jeg gleder meg også masse – trenger noe annet enn skole nå kjenner jeg 🙂

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