Time to juggle

So this weekend looks pretty filled up! Today I got the second round of International Marketing, from there Im going directly to Cathrines birthday party. Tomorrow I want to finish my paper in Consumer Behaviour then Irene is celebrating her birthday as well. Sunday will be the least filled up day, but I might end up having to work on Consumer Behaviour then as well, and the International Marketing group want to meet up as well to prepare for round 3 and 4. I guess I will just have to try and take this one day at the time, try to think of smart ways to make time for everything I want to do without neglecting all the stuff I have to do. Problem 1: what can I wear both to school and to a birthday party? Decided on this dress.. its kind of casual, but it is a dress so that means I at least dressed up a little bit for the party. I can wear a jacket as well at scool so it will all look really normal 😛 Oh and look its my first “look at me I can take a picture of myself with my cellphone in the mirror” picture! I am becoming a real blogger at last.. hehe. So to focus on today, I will just wear this, bring only a few notes to school (and not my laptop) and study the text book for a few hours before the final. Then after the final I won’t have to go home, meaning I can still get to the party at least as early as the birthday girl (she has the same final so ^^). Then I will just take it easy tonight so I have at least some energy to work on the paper in Consumer Behaviour. There thats one day solved 😀


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