Stupid stupid stupid!

I am simply furious with myself right now. I have been stressing with my assignment in consumer behaviour for days now, neglecting group discussions in International Marketing and everything.. I left Cathrines party early yesterday as well, so I would be able to go to school and write the rest of the case in the library. It was still real hard to get up and force myself to come here.. then I open the case text once more, to see that the deadline is MAY 11th, not april as I though! I double checked the student web.. and the deadline is indeed may 11th. So now Im here at school and Im not sure if I want to just go home again and get some sleep, or work a bit on the paper anyways. While Im deciding why not blog a little bit? Here’s my happy morning face (sarcasm):
So let’s talk about something a little less fail. Yesterday was the second round of International Marketing – and also Cathrines birthday. Me, Yong, Irene and a few others just dressed up semicasual before the final (as it was an evening final) and went directly to the party. I felt kind of weird sitting there in the discussion with a dress, but luckily this is Business School – so I don’t think anyone even realised I had dressed up at all. It was a pretty messy discussion compared to the first one, and the teacher didnt want to give anyone an A. Considering this I am really happy with my own grade (a B).
So like I said a few of us went directly to Cathrines place after the final, Cathrine had bought pizza for all of us so we didnt even have to buy food – after the long day at school and all the stress this week with 3 days of finals it was like heaven to go to a party. Quite a few of the guests were from the International Marketing class and I got to know a few new classmates as well (yes it is possible to not know all your classmates.. my class consists of about 120 students). We went out as well, to Fugazi. We were on the guest list so we got in for free 🙂 Didn’t stay for that long though as I thought I had to finish that paper today. It was also fun to hang out with my friends from the IM-group in another setting than just school for a change – they are all great 🙂
So I think I just made up my mind, Im going home.. after all there is a party today as well to get ready for, and the deadline IS more than a month from now 🙂 At least this way I made it to the Wine Monopoly before it closed, on saturdays thats quite the achievment 😛 Laters!


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