Iman Irenes birthday

Yesterday was my future room mate Iman Irene and her friend Shirleys birthday party, as you can see from the pictures it was pretty great. Tons of really good food, including the two awesome birthday cakes (for Iman Irene and Shirley ), marinated chicken and taco 😀
I was kind of tired because of the long long week and Cathrines birthday the day before, but once I got to the party it was great fun. I only really knew Cathrine and Iman Irene there, but I have met a couple of the others before as well and they were all really open and social so it wasn’t a big problem. We went out as well, to Stravinsky – they had ordered a table so we got in for free 🙂 Eventually I simply got too tired to stay though, guess everything just caught up to me so I went home. I considered to go to school and study today, but I think Im just going to try and relax a bit at home, possibly check out the case we will be discussing in International Marketing round 3. Next week will be almost as stressfull as this one by the looks of it. Looking forward to finishing the last two parts of the final in IM though, and we are going out to dinner when we’re done 🙂


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